On the labels

on the labels

We believe that the spirit of our mead craft is best conveyed by independent artists and designers. Each label was crafted with passion.



Anand RK, an illustrator and graphic novel artist is best known for his work on the book - Grafity’s Wall, a coming of age story set in Mumbai's street culture. Anand is passionate about storytelling and is usually seen carrying multiple sketchbooks and sketching in public places, which is how we chanced upon him - we noticed him by himself in a coffee shop, sketching us! We got chatting and stayed in touch for nearly a year, with the hope of a collaboration. Once our label framework was in place, we finally got a chance to check that box and commissioned Anand to design the label for our flagship - the Apple Cyder Mead.

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Sachin Bhatt loves creating strange images that can cause one to be weirdly amused or slightly uncomfortable. He works with blankfound as an album art illustrator for the independent music scene in India, with his sister. Being a musician himself, a lot of his artworks relate to the moods and emotions he sees while listening to music. He has an undying love for water closets, chicken wings, and electro-synth pop musik! For more of his work, visit www.bhattchin.com or @bhattchin.

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Remember Nikhil More? The founder of @junglegymstudio and the man behind our Traditional mead label! Well, he's designed the Clockwork Orange inspired Chocolate Orange Mead label too! If you have seen Great State Ale Works, Mantri cards and Independence Brewing company, you will realize that his style focuses on story-telling.

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@asdswow is a premium boutique design consulting company based in Mumbai. They've worked on brands like Rubberband products and Taj, so imagine our surprise when they agreed to work on our first brand identity - the iconic 'Mm' Under the new identity, we were looking for artists to help design our first MeadLab and felt it only fitting that @asdswow helps us with the first one - the Christmas Apple Pie Mead

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Mumbai based Aniruddh Mehta, popularly known as @thebigfatminimalist, is many things. A designer, visual artist, art director, DJ and more. He enjoys working with primitive shapes and patterns which made him a good candidate for a moonshine label. He's known for his work on projects such as the Sacred Games on Netflix, the Taxi Fabric and Red Bull amongst others. He uses his art to give himself space to breathe in the city that never rests.

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Karan Kumar is an identity designer and Illustrator from Mumbai, India. He is the brainchild behind the design podcast @wearefollow_ ,where he runs interviews with some of the most creatively gifted minds in India. There are many sides to Karan’s endeavours when it comes to his professional practices, but best believe that the apex of his creative pursuits lie at the intersection of illustration and graphic design.

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Saahir Shetty - @saahir_shetty is a part of the super creative team back at @junglegymstudio, and has been an integral part of our branding journey; communicating our language through his beautiful creatives. When it comes to design, he loves the caricature approach taken by comic/graphic books and tries to experiment with that. The Raging Parrot is his brainchild!

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Our designer for the label is Nikhil More, the founder of @junglegymstudio, a boutique design agency filled with creative minds. He is pretty much style agnostic and likes to think of himself as a conceptual designer who forms a story/concept on whatever is thrown his way. When he's not designing, he likes to spend his time with his family and animals amidst nature.

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Rupam Raul's superpower lies in the fact that he doesn't subscribe to any particular design style and is always excited to work on something new. He believes that this helps him avoid falling into a creative rut and we couldn't agree more! When Rupam isn't experimenting with design, he is learning the science behind 3D software or stirring up a delicious meal for himself! We can't wait for him to pair the mango chilli with his beautiful dishes!

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Nupur designed this label to radiate the vivid overprinted handmade vibe that reflects the bright flavours of Kaffir lime and Galangal. The bees represent the real honey that goes into making Meads. We love how this label takes a completely different direction from all of our labels so far - something we enjoy and look forward to by working with different artists for all our labels!

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Sagarika is an architect based in Mumbai with a keen interest in urbanism and graphic design and an even keener interest in biryani! We approached Sagarika to design this label way back in the beginning of 2020. And then the first wave hit. And so when she ended up designing this label during the first lockdown, like a lot of us, she imagined herself at a happy place - on the beaches of the Konkan. In her mind, she saw a ginger-haired woman (quite literally), walking along a warm, sunny beach while looking for a cold refreshing beverage to drink. She chose a bright colour scheme to make the label really pop, adding a texture to give the pop art design a more retro dimension

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