The Honey Project

A sweet-ish story (and maybe a sustainable one?)

Ever since our first batches of home-brewed mead back in 2014, we knew that the quality of honey matters - most commercial honey’s didn’t ferment well while honey sourced directly from beekeepers did. And so began our search for quality honey - from the hills in Uttarakhand to the forests of Nilgiri, we've prioritised beekeepers who responsibly source their honey and don't compromise on quality.

As a brand, Moonshine has used over 50 tonnes of honey in the last 2 years and as our requirement has grown, and the lockdown gave us time to focus on other things, we’ve forayed into sourcing our own honey with our own bee hives. The sheer versatility of the honey we source keeps fascinating us and we want to let YOU in on this too.

So here we go - we've got some extra honey collected this time round and thought of giving you access to the primary ingredient in all our meads.

In the most literal sense, here's the Moonshine Honey Project.

The first honey for this project is Sidr Honey; it’s one of the most potent honeys in the world and is often compared to Manuka. The honey is golden brown in colour, very aromatic, with high antibacterial properties and rich in antioxidants.

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