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  • accounts executive image description

    This role will be responsible for:

    • Maintaining Client Accounts.
    • Helping in Budget Planning.
    • Preparing Balance Sheet Reports.
    • MIS preparation.
    • Handling Tally ops within the finance team.


    • image description Pune
    • image description 9am - 6pm
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  • assistant manager - tank hallimage description

    Batch making, assure clean fermentation, product transfers, blending, centrifuge, filte etc., by adhering to the SOP

    • Plan product movement between the tank along with team as per production requirement
    • Tank cleaning, CIP, passivation etc
    • Adjust and finalize the product for bottling
    • Fix any issues related to the product and related to tank hall if occurred
    • Analyze the product microbially and chemically & updating the documentation on regular basis
    • Assist rest of the team whenever possible


    • image description Pirangut, Pune
    • image description 8am - 6pm
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