Our love for artisanally roasted coffee beans

It is possibly the most hipster drink of ours and we needed a label to match.

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Looking for home delivery of Meads through your nearest wine stores?

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Fill out this form to connect directly to wine stores in your area delivering Meads (Mumbai only)

Our team will get in touch with you over call to confirm your delivery request and facilitate delivery via the winestore.

Please note:

  • All financial transactions will be done between you and the wine store only.
  • Moonshine is not directly involved in the delivery process, we are merely facilitators.
  • Please avoid paying until your delivery is complete - no wineshop will ask for an advance payment as long as MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for the selected area is adhered to.
  • Deliveries will be fulfilled as soon as possible but unexpected delays such as rain, lockdown blockades are expected - hence do give us 2-3 days to fulfill your delivery.
  • Once your order is confirmed by the Moonshine representative, order cannot be cancelled.- Needs to be added as 5th bullet point under please note.
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